Slick Digital Designs has many other services we offer our customers… from enhancing your brand to fixing your photos, we can help!

Your project will also need to be published, printed, distributed or marketed… and that's where our “follow-up” and “fulfillment” services come into play. We even offer consulting and tutoring (for those who like to “do-it-yourself”).

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Photography is just one of the “other services” that we provide… A great photograph grabs the attention! We can take custom photographs or search the stock photography sites for the high resolution images you need.

Product Photography

Selling on Amazon, ebay or another shopping site? Our product photography will make your items look great! We can provide either “staged scenes” or “stand-alone”… with a white background or a background color that you choose.

Product Branding

Need a product symbol or logo? Need a label or tag? Need unique packaging? Our Marketing Team will come up with ideas that compliment your product. We will even help out with naming your product and getting unique UPC codes.

Photo Retouching

Already have photos of your products? Want the background eliminated? Git rid of “red-eye”, enhance the exposure and color saturation or add a lighting effect… photo retouching is a another service we provide for our customers.

Web Master Services

Our webmasters provide updates for your website including: site map submission, content maintenance, “traffic analysis” and link checking. Don't let your website get to be “old news”, refresh & revitalize your content!
Remember —“Content is crucial…”

Business Consulting

Need advise setting up an accounting program that interacts with the CMS of your webhost? Can't decide on a domain name? Want help obtaining a sales tax exemption for materials used for “resale” ?
We can point you in the right direction!

Print Brokerage

At Slick Digital Designs, we know the different press requirements for dozens of print vendors and we select the best quality printing — at the best price… on paper, plastic, cloth, magnetic &“other”.
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Fulfillment &
Email Services

Want your flyer to go to every home in a particular zip code? Want to purchase a mailing list? Have an “email blast” you would like to send?
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Marketing &
Public Relations

At Slick Digital Designs, we can get your PR releases published where your customers are most likely to read them… We suggest effective advertising solutions!
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Company Branding

Logo design, slogans, color and typography standards…

Web Design Tutoring

Use of templates, free hosting sites with “web builder” applications…

Software Tutoring

Operating Systems, Office & Productivity software, Accounting programs & more…

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