• Interactive Design

    Interactive Design

    • Format — Depends on platform & intent

    • Animation — The use of motion & effects

    • UI/UX — Links, Buttons & Navigation

Good interactive design is made up of many, many factors…

That is why the “The Top interactive Designers” demand a “premium” price… it takes time to do things properly!

Our company is devoted to excellence in interactive design, and we go the extra mile to keep current with trends in design and to inform our clients of the latest innovations.

Some of the numerous aspects of interactive design that our team incorporates in all of our projects…

Purple Paula

Purple Paula says: “Content is crucial…”

  • Use of nav & bookmarks
  • Text & Text links
  • Use of buttons
  • Transitions & Timing Effects
  • Submit & data retrieval
  • Proper use of RGB color
  • Use of layers
  • Use of opacity for readability
  • Use of placement & rotation
  • Typography & animating type
  • FPS & easing
  • Responsive layout & stage size
  • Use of anchors to jump focus
  • Use of page elements for focus
  • Use of output options
  • Use of audio & music
  • Embedding video
  • Use of player controls
  • And Much More!
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